Welcome to Westryn Internet Services

Need some help developing your site? We provide friendly, technically competent Internet development. Whether you need just a touch-up for your web site, a comprehensive development effort, or an iPhone/iPad app, we can help. We specialize in database-driven sites with back-end programming.

Looking for a great home for your website? We also provide secure, speedy hosting services on our own servers.

Can I get dancing bologna? We think that the most important part of your web site is the information content. All that fancy, animated, window decoration is useless if it obscures the message that you're trying to communicate, or if it slams the door on folks who use older or non-traditional web browsers (like iPhones, Blackberry devices, or other cell phones) or low-speed connections. The visual design of your web site should accurately convey your company's outlook. If that includes dancing bologna, of course, we can do that too!

Hey, didn't you guys used to be called Tinker? Yes, for many years the Internet side of our business was known as "Tinker Internet Services". We changed our domain name to westryn.net in March of 2009. Yes, we still spend most of our time tinkering with computers!

Overview of Services

For complete details and pricing, check our services page.
To see some of our client sites, see our online portfolio.

  • Web site development and make-overs
    • Graphic design, user experience design
    • HTML (Of course!)
    • Javascript and CSS (client-side scripting and style-sheet layout)
    • Ruby, Rails, PHP, Perl, and C (server side programming)
    • PostgreSQL and MySQL databases

  • Superior web site hosting
    • We use exclusively FreeBSD Unix servers for reliability and performance.
    • We host both dedicated servers and virtual domains.
    • Every virtual domain is "chrooted" or "jailed" (run in a separate virtual machine) for better security.
    • We own and manage our own servers - we don't just resell cheap, insecure hosting services.
    • Our servers are one hop from the Internet backbone, in a secure, telco-grade facility.
    • Bandwidth available to us includes multiple circuits from multiple backbone providers, for redundant and blazingly fast connections.

  • Email hosting and forwarding
    • You can pick up your email from our servers, or have it forwarded to another email account.
    • Our email servers are configured to prevent unauthorized usage by spammers and relayers.

We also provide:

Our Philosophy

Our company is founded on three principles:

  • Exceptional technical competence
    We really know our stuff. And when there's something we don't know, we don't try to fake it - we go learn it. In depth. We also work with a number of independent colleagues who are experts in other areas.

  • Friendly, personal service
    We're a small company, and we enjoy what we do. We like getting to know our customers, and our customers like knowing that they can depend on us to understand and address their needs. Many of our customers have been with us for over 15 years.

  • Effective physical and network security
    Some people think we're too paranoid about security, but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you! Consideration of security issues is an integral part of our design of websites, back-end code, and hosting architecture, not merely some last-minute addition.

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