Who are we...?

Westryn Internet Services is a division of Shrier and Deihl. Shrier and Deihl has been providing software consulting and development services since 1984. Westryn provides web site hosting and administration, email hosting, DNS services, and other Internet application hosting. Check out our services.

...And why are we doing this hosting?

Like many consultancies, many of our current clients are asking for web site and web application development. Once we've created these wonderful Internet application systems, our clients require top-notch hosting services. We couldn't find any place that met our high standards, so we decided to do it ourselves.

Who are we, really?

The principals of Shrier and Deihl are Kim Shrier (resume) and Carol Deihl (resume). We each have over 40 years' experience in software development, network design, and system administration. We've been running public servers since 1993, and we've programmed in so many languages that we've lost track. We've been doing Unix since V6. Now we concentrate on FreeBSD, an open source BSD-style Unix that offers superior reliability, security, and performance, and MacOS, which is a closely related cousin.

Why did we choose the name Westryn?

Westryn is an archaic spelling of the word "western". Since we really love living and working in Western Colorado, and we are interested on-the-side in a number of archaic subjects, it seemed like a good match.

Why should you trust us with your website?

We tinker with computers, networks, and software because we really love doing it! This has the delightful side-effect that we really care about doing a good job. We want you to be happy with your service.

Since we have spent so much time working with software and networks, we truly understand how they work. When we run into something new, we fiddle with it until we understand not just the basics, but as many ins and outs as we can figure out. Some people think we're obsessive about learning new things, but we think that's the only way to remain technically competent. Besides, it's fun.

Who uses Westryn Internet Services?

Our Internet clients are mostly small-to-medium sized businesses and organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in Colorado, and in California. We've also done work for many folks around the country and around the world, many of whom we've never met in person - we've coordinated work across the net.

For samples of our web site design and programming work, check out our Online Portfolio.

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