Online Portfolio

We think we do good work. Don't just take our word for it - check out some of our client sites listed below.

Selected Web Development and Hosting Clients

  • Boulder Early Music Shop
    The Boulder Early Music Shop is the largest retailer of Baroque, Renaissance, and Medieval sheet music, instruments, and accessories in America. Their online catalog lists over 12,000 items (that's no typo - twelve thousand items)! We designed and developed the site, including the online catalog, shopping cart, workshop schedule, and an extensive private administration section with order processing and inventory management so that the BEMS folks can manage all this information themselves.

  • Chris Scotese's PaleoMap Project
    We can't take any credit for this extremely cool paleo-geography site - Chris did all his own work! Chris was our very first hosting customer, and we really appreciate his business.

  • Westryn Internet Services, a service of Shrier and Deihl.
    Well, of course we did our own site!

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