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All of our domain hosting packages include a number of standard features.

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Basic Virtual Hosting
  • All the standard features.

  • We'll register your domain name ("") and help resolve any issues. You are responsible for registration fee at the registrar.

  • Static web pages (that is, no server-side scripting, except for formmail, see next item).

  • Formmail hosting and configuration. Web surfers can fill out a form on your site, and formmail will email the information to you.

  • FTP access to upload your own web pages.

  • Up to 5 pop email boxes or forwards. You can pick up email from our pop server, or we can forward mail wherever you choose. If you need more email boxes, please inquire.

  • Up to 5 gigabytes transferred per month. Extra bandwidth available at modest extra cost.

  • Price: from $100 per month, $100 setup fee

Database or Scripted Virtual Hosting
  • All the standard features.

  • All the features of Basic Virtual Hosting.

  • PostgreSQL or MySQL secure database access.

  • Dynamically generated pages using Ruby, PHP, or C.

  • Price: from $250 per month, $250 setup fee

Dedicated Server Hosting
E-Commerce Web Hosting
  • All the standard features.

  • All transactions requiring the transmission of sensitive data are protected by SSL using your own certificate. We'll manage the paperwork for you to get your own certificate. You'll be responsible for the yearly certificate fee (varies, depending on which certificate authority you prefer).

  • If you choose to accept credit cards on your site, all storage and transmission of credit card numbers are encrypted and password-protected.

  • Custom shopping cart software.

  • Custom password-protected web interface to manage your catalog of products and view orders. We can arrange manual or automatic uploads of data from your in-house systems.

  • Please email us at info at (make the usual substitutions) so we may discuss your specific requirements.
Standard Features

All of our domain hosting packages, whether virtual or dedicated, include these features:

  • FreeBSD operating system. FreeBSD is a flavor of Unix based on the original Berkeley Systems Design Unix. We chose FreeBSD because it's stable, fast, secure, and open-source. The FreeBSD developers focus on making a platform for servers (instead of a desktop platform, like Linux). Many, many commercial Internet services and ISPs run FreeBSD.

  • Apache or nginx web server. Apache is (still) the world's most popular web server. (See, for example, the web server survey at Netcraft.) Apache is full-featured, reliable, and fast. We are also now deploying nginx, which is fast and easy to configure.

  • Ruby, Rails, PHP, and C for server-side scripting and programming. We can accomodate other requests, too.

  • Web usage statistics. See graphs of how your site is being accessed, with daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. Your stats are protected by password.

  • Access to raw log files. If you'd rather run your own stats, you can fetch your log files. The log files are in a private area of your virtual domain, so that unauthorized folks can't fetch your log files.

  • Network security. All of our virtual domains run in a chrooted or jailed environment. This means that every web server runs in its own virtual machine, so that other web servers on the same computer can't accidentally or maliciously interfere with your server. (By the way, almost no other hosting service goes to these lengths to protect your web content!) Our servers are specially configured for security, and they all have built-in firewalls. We automatically monitor all servers and all their services to detect intrusion attempts.

  • Physical security. Our servers are protected by multiple layers of physical security, including computerized locks, special physical access codes, hand scanners, and video cameras.

  • Great connectivity, bandwidth, and facilities. We located our servers in a telco-grade co-location facility that has multiple fiber connections to multiple Tier 1 providers for redundancy. Your server is only one hop from the backbone. Redundant enormous uninterruptible power supplies, redundant air conditioning systems, redundant backup power systems including generators - sounding pretty redundant, aren't we?

  • Daily backups. Just in case of disaster, we backup all our servers daily. Backups are then securely transferred offsite, just in case the co-lo facility implodes.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support. Details.

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