Remote System Administration

Having trouble compiling a port or package on your new FreeBSD or Linux box? Need some help configuring Apache for a special feature? The Remote Admin cavalry can ride to your rescue!

We've helped folks all over the country with configuration and installation issues. With your permission, we'll ssh into your system and verify your configuration files, compile software, and solve problems. Since we're programmers, if something doesn't compile, we can figure out what's wrong.

We don't just utter magic incantations to make your problem go away, we keep online notes about what we're doing to resolve it. After we've completed the assignment, you can use our notes to reproduce the task on another machine. We presume that you'd like to take advantage of our experience even after we're gone.

Our rates for Remote Administration range from $150/hour for short projects, down to $125/hour for large or ongoing projects. Please email us at info at (make the usual substitutions) for a quote.

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