Web Site and Web Application Development

Whether you need a little extra code behind your web site, a complete site make-over, or a complete application system with a web front-end, we can handle it.

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Browser-Side Features

On the browser (client) side, we do:

  • hand-crafted, readable, correct HTML
  • production of gifs, jpgs, animated gifs, pngs, and other graphic elements
  • intelligent site and navigation layout
  • JavaScript scripting for special effects
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for better layouts
  • We deal with browser incompatibilities between Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and other browsers
  • We deal with differences between Windows, Mac, and Unix-based browsers
  • We design layouts that work on iPhones and iPads, too.

Through our network of professional colleagues, we can also arrange:

  • Flash content
  • Logo design

Unless there are special circumstances, we plan our sites to be accessible to the largest number of web browsers, including mobile devices. Not much point in creating a site that only a handful of bleeding-edge browsers can view, don't you think?

Server-Side Features

On the web server side, we typically use:

  • Ruby on Rails (and other frameworks) programming, especially to generate pages from templates and to connect to databases
  • PHP programming, ditto
  • Perl programming, ditto
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL databases - including schema design, interface code, and database administration
  • C or Objective-C programming, for large back-end application systems

We pride ourselves on producing correct, reliable, and efficient code. We try to anticipate how things might go wrong, and ensure that our software can adapt to exceptional conditions. We also try to anticipate changes and extensions that you might desire in the future, so that it's easier to add new features to your site.

Development Cycle

A new web site development project typically follows these steps.

  • Initial Project Consultation - We'll meet with you in person, chat on the phone, or correspond via email or postal mail to determine your needs, and produce a rough layout of the work to be done and a rough cost estimate. There is no charge for this step.
  • Navigation Demo - We'll develop a mock-up (with out graphics or look-and-feel) of your site on our demo server, to ensure that all required content is in the appropriate place and that the navigation of the site is sensible.
  • Look-and-feel Demo - We'll develop samples of the graphics and basic page layouts on our demo server, to ensure that the look-and-feel conveys your company's attitude.
  • Application System High-Level Design - If your web site requires extensive back-end programming, we'll do a first-pass design of the software, then discuss the capabilities with you to ensure that your requirements are met.
  • Final Price Quote (large projects) - If your site is very large or complex, or requires a large programming or database effort, at this point we'll refine the cost estimate based on the information gleaned from the previous stages. If you wish, we'll provide a fixed quote, or a not-to-exceed quote for your project. We want to avoid cost surprises for you!
  • Site Development - While your site is being developed, we periodically post the current state of the site to our demo server for your review. Changes and extensions that don't require redesign are accommodated at no extra charge. Large modifications will, of course, cost extra.
  • Sign-Off and Deployment - When the site is ready for prime time, you'll review your site on our demo server. If there are special admin web pages, we'll review their use and operation with you. When you are satisfied with the site, we'll transfer your site to your domain on one of our public servers, enter your domain name in our DNS so that the world can find your site, and you're live!

Our standard rates for design and programming services range from $150 per hour for short-term projects, down to $125 per hour for longer projects or on-going upgrades to sites. Our depth and breadth of experience makes us especially productive, and we can probably design and produce your site for less than you think. If you're on a tight budget, we'll work with you to produce a site that meets your needs and your budget. Please email us at info at westryn.net (make the usual substitutions) to arrange a consultation.

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